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Special Offer - Buy any sitar online and get a free link to a series of 8 beginning classes taught at the Ali Akbar College. You will also get a link to a special "Introduction to Playing the Sitar" video. Together these are a $425 value. For more details click here.

Welcome to the finest selection of sitars from a variety of the top makers that you will find anywhere. We pride ourselves on our 40 years in the business. Take your time, peruse the information below, and we hope you can find a sitar to suit your needs. All sitars are setup by our staff, and come with a hard case, extra strings and mizrabs.

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Radha Krishna Sharma Radha Krishna Sharma Sitar #3

Radha Krishna Sharma Sitar #3

Here is a good starter sitar in the Kharaj/Pancham (Ravi Shankar) style. It features 11 sympathetic pegs, 7 swirl design main pegs and a spun wood...

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Radha Krishna Sharma Radha Krishna Sitar #1

Radha Krishna Sitar #1

A fine, fully decorated sitar in the Karaj/Pancham (Ravi Shankar) style. This instrument features 13 rose petal main pegs, 13 inlaid taraf...

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Hiren Roy Hiren Roy Sitar #1 - Kalka

Hiren Roy Sitar #1 - Kalka

This Karaj/Pancham (Ravi Shankar style) sitar is made for the professional musician who will play at least several hours a day. Made by Barun Ray,...

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Rikhi Ram Rikhi Ram Vilayat Khan style Sitar

Rikhi Ram Vilayat Khan style Sitar

A beautiful sitar in the Vilayat Khan or Gandhar Pancham style. This sitar was made for us by Ajay Sharma, who continues the work of his father and...

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